Child Development Center

Contract Type: Government Design/Build

Procurement POC:
Louisville District

Contractors:  Prime Contractor – Pence, TMS, Mathis

Project Description
Project includes six child modules with features targeting specific age groups, patron reception area, central storage, supply room, administrative areas, staff lounge and training room, isolation room, kitchen, laundry, janitor closet, age appropriate indoor/outdooractivity spaces, video surveillance system, building information system, energy monitoring and control system, HVAC, fire protection, lightning protection, paving, curb and gutter, sidewalks, force protection, fencing, bollards, exterior lighting, site improvements, sod placement, and landscaping.The facility is intended to be comparable both functionally and technically to child development centers in the private sector community surrounding the installation.

Performance and Quality
The Tri-venture contracting team comprised of Mathis & Sons, Inc./TMS Contracting, LLC/Howard W. Pence, Inc. utilized the fast track operation methods used by designer JKS Architects & Engineers to design and construct this 15,500 square foot facility. The design and construction teams minimized delays by trying to anticipate and prevent problems or by rapid response to issues as they arose. The Louisville Corps of Engineers and the end user have been extremely pleased with the quality of work throughout the construction process.

Cost Control
Cost control for this project began prior to the project being awarded.  By carefully listening to government needs put forth in the request for proposal and the budget for the project, the design and construction teams are able to evaluate cost effective products and methods to give the end user the most possible product for the funds allotted.  The comprehensive proposal provided by this offorer allowed the government to clearly see what was being provided making for smooth design conferences and relatively few change orders.