Contract Type: Design Build

Louisville District

End Date: March 25, 2008

Prime Contractor: TMS Contracting/Compton Const.

Project Description:
This project developed a 4+ acre site with a new access road, 60,000 sqft building, underground utilities to building, security fencing, site lighting, landscaping, storm
drainage with retention basin, and covered concrete hardstand. Site work also included ATFP provisions and parking for 200 vehicles. The Aviation Brigade Operations Facility accommodates 6 companies (500 personnel). The building is fully sprinkled and provides for each company: covered hardstand, readiness bay, unit storage, comm. storage, NBC storage, secure storage, arms vault, men/women’s toilets and showers, comm. room, training room, conference room, associated administrative offices and support spaces with separate dedicated HVAC systems.

Performance and Quality:
The fast track design/build method used by Lyle Cook Martin Architects and the joint venture construction team of TMS Contracting/Compton Construction allowed this project to be designed and constructed within the allotted contract time frame. The Construction Team went into the initial design conference with Civil Site Design 100% completed

Work Performance:
TMS Contracting/Compton Construction used their skilled in-house craftspeople for the majority of this project solidifying the JV relationship into a team that gets the job done.  The joint venture team self-performed contract administration, CPM scheduling, concrete formwork and placement, pre-engineered building erection, hollow metal/hardware installation, interior specialties and was directed by the government to design the project for a different site. The entireDesign/Build Team responded immediately to minimize delays due to the requested change.  This rapid response to issues as they arose helped maintain the project schedule. Project was
evaluated as Above Average with no terminations or liquidated damages, specialties installation, turf preparation, sod placement and turf establishment. The typical
subcontracts of masonry, excavation, interior finishes, mechanical and electrical were issued to responsible well-established specialty trade contractors. Contract modifications were only issued for “user requested” changes. Time extensions were a result of the added work scope and adverse weather conditions.