Dog Creek

Offeror: Howard W. Pence, Inc.

Project Title: Dog Creek – Restroom, Shower House and Sewage Treatment

Location: Nolin River Lake, Bee Spring Kentucky

Final Completion Date: April 3, 2010

Type of Contract: Addition/Renovation

Project Description: Addition and renovations at Dog Creek Recreation Area including demolition of existing vault toilets and construction of day use shower house, day use restroom, dump station with road, and wastewater treatment system. Primary treatment will be performed through use of septic tanks, secondary treatment through use of a re-circulating gravel filter, and effluent will be discharged through use of a drip irrigation system.

Organization: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The Nolin River, Dog Creek Restroom, Shower House and Sewage Treatment build provided construction and renovations to a lake side facility. Work included demolition of a 20’x20’ vault toilet and two 5’x5’ vault toilets and installation of seven concrete septic tanks with associated water and sewer lines, lift station and treatment facility. Treatment facility is sized for 7000 gallons per day and included a forced main, 14,000 gallon dosing tank, a 25’x70’ re-circulating gravel media filter and 13,300 linear feet of pressurized drip irrigation piping. Project included construction of a 40’x28’ CMU Shower house with metal roof with 6 showers, 4 lavatories, 1 urinal, and 5 toilets and a 16’8” x 25’8” CMU Restroom with metal roof along with sidewalks. Project also included two new dump stations and asphalt campground exit road.

This project had a “fixed” completion time without regard to weather. Careful management of the project was required since much of the construction was performed during the winter and early spring months with the sewer treatment facility requiring extensive excavation.